I was 3 years old when my aunt played piano and I stood on a chair and sang for the Ladies
Aid in a Scarville, Iowa Lutheran Church.

When I was old enough to venture to the "Big City", I started singing at the Extempore'
Coffee House on West Bank in Minneapolis. Thanks to Jeff Cahill for allowing me to sing for
his break and to
Sean Blackburn for hiring me.  During those wonderful West Bank days
I met and played with great musicians.  Bill Hinkley and Judy Larson, Peter Ostroushko, Jim
Tordoff, Mike Cass, Sean Blackburn, Dakota Dave Hull, Cal Hand, to name just a few.  It
was a fabulous time for me.  

I began singing with a newly formed group called the Wolverines in 1973.  We started as 7
people and grew to 15 playing 1920's jazz led by Ted Unseth.  He, and then others from the
band, transcribed songs off of the original recordings.  It was one of the most fun times I had
musically.  Everyone in the band truly loved the music.  We recorded an album at Dave Ray
and Steve Raitt's  studio in Little Falls which received 4 out of 5 stars in Downbeat
magazine.  We also had the privilege of opening for Sarah Vaughn at the Guthrie.

Starting in 1974,  I played on Garrison Keillors'  Prairie Home Companion  The show was
aired from the MPR studio on 6th and Sibley. The seating could accommodate about 50
people, far different from the throngs of people that flock to see the show now.  I played on
that show through 1984 and had the opportunity to work with many fine artists such as
Vassar Clements, .Josh Graves, Ernest Tubb, Chet Atkins,and  John Hartford.

In 1975, I left the Wolverine's for a country swing  band called 'The Sky Blue Water Boys'.  
From that point on I was one of the Boys... We were a house band playing 6 nights a week at
a downtown Minneapolis club called Zachariah's.  We opened for EmmyLou Harris, Melissa
Manchester, Waylon Jennings,  to name just a few.  In May of 2005 we were inducted into
Minnesota Rock and Country Hall of Fame. We got the opportunity to play together for
the first time in 20 years.  What a great time!  The band included Dan Lund, lead guitar, Russ
Pahl, pedal steel and guitar, Peter Ostroushko, fiddle/mandolin, Curby Rule, bass, Curt
Werner, drums and myself.  Jon Bream from the Star Tribune picked our performance at the
awards ceremony as the highlight of the event.

In the early 80's  I was in  a band called Minnesota Flats.  We won 2 Minnesota Music
Awards for best country band and best country vocalist.  We also opened for Ricky Nelson,
Jerry Jeff Walker and  others at Taste of Minnesota and played the stages at Riverfest.
During this time I did some demo recording in Nashville, for Minnesota born, Dennis
Morgan,  as producer.  

In 1987 I started recording an album which was produced by Willy Murphy and distributed
by Flying Fish Records called 'After All this time'.  I won 3 Minnesota Music Awards with
this record.  I did some touring promotion of the album, playing at South By Southwest in
Austin Texas and opening for EmmyLou Harris, Mel McDanniel and Don Williams...

A change in life's direction came with the onset of Rheumatoid Arthritis so  I decided  to
pursue a new livelihood.  I went back to school and started into the world of technology.  
During this time I also kept performing. I did concerts and also played many small venues as
a solo performer.

16 plus years ago my dear friend and longtime fellow musician, Dan Lund,  asked if I'd like to
be in another band...thus the start of Becky Thompson and Old School.  We played  every
Monday night for 8 years and now after 15 years we have called it quits with out monthly
gigs at Lee's.  
It was a great run and loved working for Louie!

In October 9, 2002 Chris Riemernschneider, from the Star Tribune,  included me in his article
Becky Thompson